House of Dad

by House of Dad

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Harrison Phinney
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Harrison Phinney I streamed this album for free until Bandcamp would no longer let me. "Hard Working Man" was my jam. Finally I bought the entire Andras discography; what a bargain! This music is so comforting and uplifting. "Stereo Dunnies" has since stolen my heart with its slo-mo underwater breakbeat. Favorite track: Stereo Dunnies.
Joseph Denby
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Joseph Denby lovely -- keep it up Favorite track: Hard Working Man.
Boma Ye
Boma Ye thumbnail
Boma Ye Collection of musical sketches made with obvious love and attention to detail. Similar in feel and vibe to an old, undiscovered, Warp release which can only be a good thing, Favorite track: Water Diviner.
mark chaney, ben knowles
mark chaney, ben knowles thumbnail
mark chaney, ben knowles This IS dad music! As a dad and lover of sound and vibe this captures a very specific vibe with it's sound. The beat seems to be more upfront at times than in some of Andras' work, but they fit perfectly in this project. I really like this and think it might be my SECOND favorite Andras project.


“ András cleans out the garage with new alias House of Dad - a project that's both a dedication of love and a constructive criticism. Recorded at his suburban family home, warmed by ducted central heating and microwaved frozen meals, this first release on H.O.D. Records pays homage to his plumber father.

A darting network of pipes, toilet supply lines and garden hoses, its a steady flow from the man-cave dwelling 'Entrance To The Garage' to 'Water Diviner's mystical bleep. 'Hard Working Man' tightens the sample-based house music cliches clockwise; it's HardYakka affirmation breaking in half under the weight of descending pianos and a gently whispered declaration of love. The blissfully content 'Stereo Dunnies' and 'Roof Metal Corrosion' reflect on a job well done before the working week knocks off with ’POETS Day’. “

- WORDS: Michael Kucyk


released July 15, 2016

All tracks inspired by Matthew Wilson
Written, Produced and mixed by A. Wilson
Recorded in Melbourne, Australia, 2016



all rights reserved


Andras Melbourne, Australia

Andras is Andrew Wilson, a music producer, soundtrack composer, radio host and DJ from Melbourne, Australia.

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